"Having Aviation Secure USA come to our hangar for safety and security training has been a huge success; not only for our flight crews, who fly international and domestic trips, but for our in-house office staff as well. There is something for everyone to learn and take away. Being that the training is specifically tailored for our flight operations, everything they discuss and teach is extremely relevant. The topics they covered and the hands-on training we received is useful, not just on the road, but also in our home lives. It has made me feel more confident knowing I can handle and defend myself in challenging environments and has also opened my mind to new ways of thinking about dangerous situations that we sometimes unknowingly enter. The instructors unassuming and entertaining presentation styles kept everyone attentive and open to receiving their life-saving information. I'll never forget their tips and continue to share them with family and friends. I've heard nothing but positive feedback from all of my co-workers. Everyone has said "it's the best training I've ever done!" Hopefully we'll be able to have them back on a regular basis for recurrent training! Thank you!!! You guys rock!!! "

Nancy Devito
International Captain
New York

"As a corporate pilot, traveling on an airline , I was accosted by a belligerent passenger. I was able to utilize the Cockpit Breach Survival Training I learned in the class to defend myself and stop a personal attack on not only me but another passenger. This coursed proved to be an invaluable part of my training. "

P Johnson
Professional Pilot

"You will not find a more comprehensive Aviation Security course. The Instructors are motivated, professional and very well-informed. The course content was tailored to our specific Flight Department needs. These guys are genuinely passionate about the material. The class brought our department together like no other training has. Highly recommended. "

Ron Long
Flight Department
Tudor Investment Corportation

"The course made us think about situations that we haven't yet confronted and gave us an action plan to mitigate the risk."

Steve Hawkins
Aviation Director
Abbot Laboratories Waukegan, Illinois

"This training was like nothing I have ever attended before. I would highly recommend the training. Even with just two days of training, I feel more confident already. We are planning our recurrent training with Aviation Secure USA."

Brian Hallin
Chief Pilot
Abbott Laboratories Waukegan, Illinois

"I have been through numerous security training courses including two major airline courses, but no training has been as thorough and intense as this one. The realism and hands on training was something no other security training class has provided. Absolutely, one of the best security training classes I have attended, not only in aviation, but in life. "

Chris Valentine
Abbot Laboratories Waukegan, Illinois

"This has been some of the best training I have received in a 35 year career."

Bruce Huffman
Director of Aviation
The Drummond Company Birmingham, Alabama

"Phenomenal Job! This is among the best training I have received as a pilot. Very professional instructors. Every question was answered thoroughly. I can't wait to do it again. Nice Job!!! "

John Harrison
First Officer
Eastman Chemical Company Blountville, Tenessee

"Our company has used Aviation Secure USA many times and has been extremely satisfied with the course content and the high level of instruction, provided by the knowledgeable and motivated staff. The course is not only informative, it is presented in a manner that is practical and fun. Every aspect of the class is well worth the time, from the classroom to the real life scenarios. Any flight crew that wants to be prepared and confident in their abilities in today's ever-changing environment, must participate in this course."

Michael O'Keeffe
Chief Pilot
Corporate Image Aviation Phoenix, Arizona

"Aviation Secure USA provided great course content that was taught by professionals who demonstrated superior technical skills, excellent knowledge of the subjects and displayed an attitude of confident instructors. We look forward to our re-current training session. "

Sid Baker
Director of Aviation Services
Kodak Rochester, New York / We will all miss Sid Baker.

"Aviation Secure USA provided outstanding classroom instruction to the Federal and Contract Aviation Managers and Aviation Safety Officers at the 2006 U.S. Department of Energy Aviation Operations and Safety Workshop. Aviation Secure USA's instructors are very credible aviation security experts.They presented very timely, well-researched material on aviation security management. The presentation was so highly rated by our managers, that we invited ASUSA back to our 2007 workshop to teach their course on techniques to prevent and defeat cockpit breach attempts."

Dave Lopez
Senior Aviation Policy Officer
United States Department of Energy

"The class was very comprehensive and informative. It raised an awareness that we all needed. The Cockpit Breach Survival Training was very real and intimidating. When asked if we were prepared, many of us thought that we were until we were challenged with realistic scenarios and problems that we needed to solve. Excellent class"

J. Henner
Chief Pilot
Denver, Colorado

"It was awesome! I would stake my professional reputation behind a recommendation to any potential companies."

Greg Hampton
Kodak Rochester, New York

"I have attended numerous security courses during my past 39 years of professional flying and I have found that Aviation Secure USA's training far exceeded my Expectations . I highly recommend this training to every company, professional pilot and flight crew member"

Wayne Gate
Training Captain (Retired)
United Airlines

"I'll just say that this was one of the most well presented, interesting and potentially beneficial courses I've personally experienced. You guys had my attention from beginning to end, you were encouraging,positive and, most importantly, you made it a hell of a lot of fun. Great job and great course!"

Mike Young
Senior Captain
Kodak Rochester, New York

"The training greatly raised our awareness level of the possibility of direct threats to the flight crew and aircraft. Very informative, personable instruction and fun."

Tom Watson
Eastman Chemical Company Blountville, Tennessee