• An Exploration of the Existing Organizational Security Culture
  • Making Aviation Security Your Primary Culture
  • Policies and Procedures that should be implemented to ensure change and compliance
  • Domestic and International Security Considerations
  • Terrorist Events that have shaped our need for awareness
  • Modalities that are commonly used in attacks
  • Case Studies on aviation security failures within the operation that have led to serious breaches
  • Breaking out of the Old School of Thought and adopting a newer and fresher way of thinking
  • Weapons Identification and IED Methodology covers the vast array of conventional and non-conventional weapons that may be smuggled on board an aircraft. This course will give the student a broad view of improvised weaponry and its’ uses.
  • Hotel Security Training and Hostile Hotel Takeover Survival Training
  • Personal Protection and Awareness
  • Cockpit Breach Survival Training is interactive and hands on. It is intended to introduce the students to the variety of possible attacks that may occur inside or outside the aircraft. The class is designed to accelerate the crew member up to a proficient standard of performance in a short period of time, providing them with the training and tools to defend themselves against an attack. The training is structured to increase their competence and confidence levels and abilities. This is geared for all members of the flight department. This course does not require any previous training.

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